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FX-CashFlow Team provides MLK, FX-PIT v5.0 and MAT Forex ea.

Fully automated Forex robot trader is special software developed to make trading more profitable and safe. Forex signal systems, hedging and martingale strategies, grid strategy and lots of other strategies are widely used by such trading robots.  Their mode of operation is based on the Forex market analysis provided by real experienced traders from all over the world. There are classic and new type advisors, breakout based advisors, scalping, adaptive and advanced Forex expert advisors.
Forex ea is unaffected by emotions and psychological swings. It gives the trader an opportunity to follow advice of successful strategy or Forex signal provider and can generate more trades than a man.  The trader doesn’t need excellent knowledge of Forex market; he only has to choose a time-proved and successful Forex auto trading system.


    MLK is developed especially for EUR/USD currency pair and for the H4 period. This Forex ea is not a scalper and returns don’t depend on high spreads. Moreover, a trader is free to choose a broker. MLK locks unprofitable positions and in such a way protects the trader’s account from big loss.
    MLK Forex ea is aimed to open deals towards the trend and to take 10 points profit. Its mode of operation is based on Martingale strategy. In case of wrong entrance the principle of Martingale starts to work to cover a loss, but if the indicators of the Forex robot trader will disclose the global trend reversal, all opened orders will be locked till the trend turns back to continue achieving initial goal. At the same time, until the trend goes in the opposite direction the MLK Forex ea will work in its direction and open orders to take profit in this direction.


            Forward test




FX-CashFlow Team launched MLK-account on April 2nd, 2010. It was the forward test of MLK and by November 11th, 2011 the account balance was $14 148. For 19 months of work on a real account brought 180% profit, i.e. about 10% per month. Annual turnover was no less than 110%. No bank in the world gave or will give such percent rate. It is possible only at the Forex market and only with MLK Forex ea!


We closed sales since MLK Pro version have been developed. It passed all tests right and was launched on our real account since July 2011. As you can see from forward test it trades more profitable.

Soon MLK Pro version is a automated system we will provide it only as ability to invest in our Pamm account.






    FX-CashFlow Team provides FX-PIT v5.0.

    The last and fully automatic version of FX-PIT Forex ea is one of the most reliable and effective Forex trading systems. It does not require manual intervention at any phase and features self seeking point of entry and exit.  FX-PIT also withdraws unprofitable orders in plus. Its mode of operation is based on the Elliott wave theory.FX-PIT v5.0 doesn’t use standard levels of SL/TP. They are calculated automatically depending on the market behaviour.
    Forex ea features:
    This Forex robot trader has been working successfully for 10 years. Even the world financial crisis has not affected it. FX-PIT returned a profit even when other Forex trading robots failed.
    FX-PIT v5.0 can trade on 20 currency pairs. It doesn’t have parameters that could be optimized. That is why FX-CashFlow Team is positioning this Forex ea as a universal and very reliable.
    FX-PIT uses trend strategy and unique principle of increasing the volume of transactions. Therefore the system can withstand the sharp price fluctuations and recoilless long-term trends.
    All FX-PIT updates are free.







By purchasing FX-PIT v5.0 Forex eayou acknowledge that FX-CashFlow Team does not assume liability for any loss or damage which may arise in consequence of its use. Read the installation instructions carefully to install it properly and avoid problems. Making one purchase of FX-PIT v5.0, you get only one copy of this Forex ea for a real account and 2 copies for a demo account. You also have to send us investor password of your trading account to make it possible for us to check both your Demo and Real account.
Remember! Minimal recommended deposit for FX-PIT v5.0 Forex ea provided by FX-CashFlow Team is $10000 with 0.01 minimal lot. But you can open Cent Account (EGlobal broker for example) with $1000.





        MAT is a simplified algorithm of FX-PIT. It is specifically developed for those countries where there is no hedge.



      MAT Forex ea can be tested by you right now. But you should agree Forex robot trader is a risky type of investment itself and FX-CashFlow Team does not assume liability for any loss or damage which may arise in consequence of using any Forex ea provided by it.
      When you purchase MAT ea, FX-CashFlow Team undertakes an obligation to provide you with 2 licenses for its Forex ea for 2 of any trading accounts.
      Remember! Minimal account for this Forex ea is $1000 ($100 – a cent account) with minimal lot 0.01.










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